School Data

The 168 provides a variety of data about school districts and charter schools in the state. The agency regularly prepares aComprehensive Report on Texas Public Schools, as well as various reports on charter schools, school discipline, waivers, district demographics, financial data, and school district performance. We also provide resources to help you locate and evaluate schools in your area.

Comprehensive Report on Texas Public Schools

ճComprehensive Report on Texas Public Schools describes the status of public education in Texas and provides extensive information about academic excellence indicators, state assessments, graduation and dropouts, grade-level retention, accountability ratings, curriculum, and charter schools.

Charter School Reports

Our charter schools reports page includes a summary of charter awards and closures; listings and maps of all Texas open-enrollment charters, charters holders, and charter campuses; information about recent charter closures; charter school accountability reports, and charter school program evaluations.

Discipline Data

Discipline Data Products are downloadable reports on state and school district discipline data. The statistics in these products are extracted or calculated from the data collected through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS).

Waivers Online Report

Each year Texas school districts can apply waivers for issues like attendance, class size, course requirements, educator certification, and textbooks. You can search ourby waiver status, school district, waiver type, and date.


Snapshot: School District Profilesis a TEA product that provides general information about the characteristics of public school districts in Texas.Topics include demographic information about students and staff; financial information about school district budgets, property values, and state financial assistance; and information about student performance on state administered assessment instruments and college admission tests.

District Type Data Search

The district type data search divides all Texas public school districts and charters into the following nine categories: major urban, major suburban, other central city, other central city suburban, independent town, non-metropolitan: fast growing, non-metropolitan: stable, rural, and charter school districts.

General Information

The 168 provides several avenues where you can access general informationto help you find and evaluate public schools and charters in your area.