Test-Limit Waiver Information

Test takers are limited to 5 attempts on any certification test under . The State Board for Educator Certification has defined the waiver application process in and authorized TEA staff to administer the waiver process.

Application Process

Review the test-limit waiver application and read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documentfor answers to common questions. You must read and follow the instructions on each page and provide all the required information.

The SBEC has authorized TEA staff to administratively approve waiver applications that meet all requirements. The evaluation process takes approximately 6 weeks after all required documentation and the waiver fee payment have been received. Processing times will take longer during peak season (April-August), and will be delayed if an application is incomplete or includes educational activities from non-approved providers.

Waiver applications must be . Applications delivered in person will not be accepted. Be sure to make a copy of your waiver application for your records. After we receive your completed waiver application, you will be emailed directions for submitting the $164 waiver application fee through our online system. Checks and money orders are not accepted. The processing fee does not cover the cost of the test.

Applications are reviewed in the order received, and expedited waiver reviews are not available. Applicants will be contacted by email if corrections are needed to inform you of errors and any required resubmissions until the application can be approved by the TEA staff. In fairness to other applicants, applications needing corrections are pulled and placed at the end of the queue; therefore, it is crucial that you review your application for accuracy and completeness before submitting it to TEA. Mistakes will cause delays, so ask a colleague or your program to help review your application.

You will find helpful tips and common errors to avoid in each section below. More detailed directions are provided on each page of the waiver application.

Test-Limit Waiver Application: Page One

Be sure to enter your name as it is listed in your TEA Educator account and provide your correct TEA ID number, which may be found on your score report. If you are enrolled in an educator preparation program (EPP), even if you have finished all course work and other requirements, your EPP must complete Section C. If you hold an intern or probationary certificate, then you are enrolled in an EPP.

Test-Limit Waiver Application: Page Two

Use your score report from your best attempt to complete the top section. Use the chart beginning on page 8 to find your test and determine in which column your highest score falls. This will help you determine which letter to check on page 2 of the application and how many clock-hours of educational activities are required.

Test-Limit Waiver Application: Page Five

Carefully review the directions listed on pages 3 and 4. You will need to access your five most recent score reports to complete the chart. Do not include your score reports in your application submission. Completion of this chart will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses by competency so that you can seek out educational activities that address your areas of need.

Your score report lists the information requested in the opposite order as specified in the chart, so care should be taken to complete this section correctly. Be sure to enter the data in Column M as a percentage rounded to the nearest whole percent. Double-check your entries and computations to ensure that all data is accurate.

Test-Limit Waiver Application: Page Six

You will find a definition of “educational activities” on page 6 of the waiver application. A will show you all of the vendors who are approved to offer educational activities. Other approved providers are found on theTEA Professional Development webpage. You may also use pre-approved providers as described on page 6 of the waiver application. The following entities may provide and/or sponsor activities as pre-approved providers and do not have to register with TEA:

  • State Board for Educator Certification
  • 168 including the
  • Accredited institutions of higher education recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (). This includes out-of-state institutions of higher education recognized by the THECB.
  • Regional education service centers (ESCs)
  • Texas public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools (AskTED)
  • Accredited private schools recognized by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commissionand International Association for Learner Driven Schools (IALDS) ( and )

Clock-hours may be completed online or in person. All educational activities must be completed after your last unsuccessful attempt and must be directly related to the competencies on your exam. Competency descriptors may be found on the appropriate testing vendor's webpage, which may be accessed on the TEA Test Registration and Preparation webpage.

Questions 7-9 of the FAQ document offer ideas on how to find educational activities that address your areas of need. Look for educational activities that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful on your waiver attempt.

Page 6 serves as the cover sheet for each educational activity. You will need to make copies and submit one per activity. You must attach a course description of the educational activity and written verification of completion that includes all requirements listed at the top of page 6 of the application.

Test-Limit Waiver Application: Page Seven

Your statement on page 7 of the waiver application is your opportunity to explain why you believe that you are now ready to retake your exam. There is no minimum length requirement.

You must sign this page in front of a and get it notarized. Your school district, bank, or educator preparation program may offer notary services.

If this is your first waiver application, you must wait 45 days from your last unsuccessful attempt before submitting it to TEA at the below. You must wait 180 days if you werenot successful on your waiver attempt before you can reapply; however, you may start on waiver requirements immediately.

An approved waiver applicant will receive approval to take the requested exam one more time. Currently, there are no limits to the number of times you may apply for a test-limit waiver.

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Test-Limit Waiver Application